Storytelling Project: Mike McKenna ’73 (clip)

[Mike McKenna ’73]Here’s a clip from Mike McKenna ’73. Check back soon for the full interview!

Mike McKenna ’73 arrived at Wesleyan with the last all-male frosh class. Mike relates a college experience of tremendous change. He was challenged to imagine possibilities outside of the well-defined career path his father had taken. His father’s advice? “Try everything.” Mike majored in English and has enjoyed a long career in advertising, where change is ever-present.

Music: “Sleep Inside” by The Last Minutes—Ryan Rodger ’11, Ben Block ’11, Katherine McDonald ’11 and Bella Loggins ’10. Also, “Your Song” by Bella Loggins.

Extra clip

Here Mike recalls the way that Foss Hill looked in the fall during soccer practice in the early mornings. It's a memory that has stuck with him all of his life.

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