Video: Wilson ’05, Shane ’05 at Sundance with ‘After Tiller’

[Martha Shane ’05 and Lana Wilson ’05] Filmmakers Lana Wilson ’05 and Martha Shane ’05 speak from Sundance Film Festival with Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman on the making of After Tiller, which profiles the four remaining doctors in the U.S. who, after the assassination of Dr. George Tiller in 2009, still openly provide third trimester abortions.

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Amy Goodman: Why did you make this film? What inspired you?

Lana Wilson: Well, it really came from watching the news coverage surrounding Dr. Tiller’s death. As you say, he survived an assassination attempt, and not only that, but he went back to work literally the next day. And I couldn’t believe that someone would go through such an experience and return to their job immediately. And the news coverage of this assassination was just a controversial doctor has been killed, getting a talking point from each side of the issue, and that was about it. So I found it really frustrating that the human element was left out here. I was really curious what motivated this man to go to such lengths to keep doing this work, why women would ever need a third-trimester abortion—I had no idea—and also, now that he was gone, was there someone waiting in the wings to take his place, or would they be scared away from doing this? What would happen next? …

Martha Shane: The doctors are four really incredible individuals. I think one of the things that people really notice is that they’re all average, very average, Americans. …”

Watch the full story (Martha Shane and Lana Wilson appear around 12:40):

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