Vote Angela Larkan ’05 for ‘Inspirational Women’

[Angela Larkan ’05] Angela Larkan ’05, founder of Thanda, an organization in South Africa that offers after-school care for AIDS orphans, among other goals, is a semifinalist for this Glamour/Sally Hansen contest. Vote for Larkan before end of day on 2/4/13; the winner receives a donation to her nonprofit.

“Sally Hansen ‘Best of You’ Contest: For the past 13 years, Glamour and Sally Hansen have joined forces to honor the most inspirational women from coast to coast.

“Help us choose from this year’s most admirable semifinalists—all nominated by readers like you…

“Inspired after researching orphans and AIDS in South Africa, Angela Larkan founded Thanda, an organization geared towards developing sustainable solutions to ongoing issues in rural Africa…”

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Image: via Sally Hansen Best of You Contest.

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