Badanes ’65 collaborates with artist wife on home on 5 acres

[Steve Badanes ’65]Architect and University of Washington professor Steve Badanes ’65, one of Wesleyan’s Distinguished Alumni and founder of the Jersey Devil Design Build, works alongside his wife, artist Linda Beaumont, to create and decorate a home out on Whidbey Island, Wash., using recycled materials and lots of color. With a garden, greenhouse, and art studio, “Camp Beaumont” is a piece of art in and of itself.

“THE LANE cuts through miles of meadow. A border collie works a wave of sheep in the distance. The road winds into the forest. Ferns and firs; the air crisp, chilled, drinkable. A lawn dart, affixed to a plywood board that reads ‘parking,’ points its scrawny metal finger.

“We have arrived.

“‘It’s three pole barns. They’re cheap to build,’ Steve Badanes says simply, describing the Whidbey Island homestead he shares with his wife, artist Linda Beaumont.”

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Image: via University of Washington.

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