John Adler ’03 and sister: How to cook for crowds

[John Adler ’03] Siblings and chefs John ’03 and Tamar Adler have recently combined their talent for cooking. In this Food and Wine article, writer Tamar shares some delicious recipes and advice about cooking for dinner parties.

“For years, my younger brother, John, and I fought in the kitchen. At its worst, when we both cooked for a living, the only way to avoid all-out warfare at home was to stick to a rule: Either he cooked or I did.

“Three years ago, that all changed. I had just moved back to New York after cooking at Berkeley’s Chez Panisse, and he had left Thomas Keller’s Per Se to co-run the kitchen at Franny’s, a wonderful Italian restaurant in Brooklyn. We’ve never known exactly why we made peace then. Our best explanation is that ugly word—at which I still roll my eyes in contempt—maturity.

“When we reached our cease-fire and the smoke cleared, we found something miraculous: While working across the country from each other, we had developed cooking styles that matched—unfussy but festive, dependent on making the most of each ingredient, uncompromisingly efficient.”

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Image: Michael Turek.

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