Introspective Magazine highlights art by Ben Weiner ’03

[Ben Weiner ’03]New York and L.A. based artist Ben Weiner ’03 creates unique paintings through an elaborate process of making his own oil paint, filming the formation, and photographing the product. Introspective Magazine featured Weiner in August, and his solo exhibition is on display at the Benrimon Contemporary in New York now until December 15, which features his paintings, videos, and sculptures.

“By most standards, watching paint dry isn’t, well, a fascinating activity. Ben Weiner, on the other hand, has made it the focus of his artistic inquiry. Not only does the 31-year-old New York artist make his own oil paints, he films the process of the oil, pigment and varnish dissolving into one another in stop-motion. He then makes photographs of the palette he has created, with its spikes and gobs of dried paint and blended tones and hues, which in turn become the subject for a painting—and the chain continues from there. In this way, Weiner creates a connective narrative, adding another layer—subtext—to his already-textured work. ‘So the paintings present the story of their own creation,’ he explains. Weiner, who is represented both by Mark Moore Gallery in Los Angeles and Benrimon Contemporary in New York, will have a solo show at the latter in November that will feature seven linked canvases and three videos depicting the oil-pigment fusion.”

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Image: Gabriela Herman ’03

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