Brighter Dawns’ Kimberly Muellers ’12: Youth make a difference

[Kimberly Muellers ’12] Kimberly Muellers ’12, a co-founder of Brighter Dawns with Tasmiha Khan ’12, traveled to Bangladesh this summer and talks with the Boston Globe about the importance of groups such as theirs in international development.

“WOMAN ON A MISSION: Many graduating college students spend the summer relaxing after four years of academic work, or looking for jobs. Kimberly Muellers of Westwood spent part of hers on a mission to provide clean water to a Bangladesh village.

“Muellers, 22, who graduated this year from Wesleyan University, is one of the founders of Brighter Dawns, created by college students in 2010 with the goal of eliminating health disparities in the slums of Bangladesh, starting with a volunteer project to extend access to clean water and sanitation. Last year, the group raised more than $20,000 to build wells and latrines in Khalishpur and distributed cleaning supplies to families to help improve hygiene.

“‘There are so many preventable diseases that can be solved so easily just by having clean water and good hygiene,’ said Muellers, the communications director for Brighter Dawns, which has chapters at Wesleyan, Harvard University, and Trinity College. ‘Our main focus is on sanitation issues.’”

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Image: via Boston Globe.

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