Ellen Forney ’89 writes a powerful novel about bipolar disorder

[Ellen Forney ’89] In The Seattle Times, Ellen Forney ’89 talks about her new graphic novel Marbles, based on her own struggles coping with mania and depression.

“You don’t really talk with Ellen Forney so much as listen. And you should; she has learned some hard lessons about life, love, family, art and living with mental illness.

“Forney, 44, an accomplished graphic artist, has just published a graphic novel called ‘Marbles,’ about being diagnosed with bipolar disorder a decade ago.…

“‘For a long time, I didn’t talk about it, which was about feeling vulnerable,’ she said the other day.

“But once she started writing the book and telling people what it was about, that vulnerability fell away.”

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Image: Jacob Peter Fennell.

Friendly URL: wesconnect.wesleyan.edu/news-20121123-ellen-forney

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