Daniel Handler ’92 talks about new Lemony Snicket series

[Daniel Handler ’92] Best-selling author Daniel Handler ’92 (aka Lemony Snicket) has published the first volume of a four-book mystery series aimed at teens.

“The old house squats high on a hill overlooking a sparkling bay. A substantial man in a suit and tie appears at the front door. He could be a banker, a lawyer, a politician, a mortician.

“Definitely not a writer. Which he is.

“‘Would you like an espresso?’ asks Daniel Handler, 42, not to be confused with Lemony Snicket, the fictitious scribe Handler often ‘represents’ at media events. Snicket is famously the investigative protagonist of A Series of Unfortunate Events, 13 best-selling turn-of-the-millennium children's books that became a 2004 Jim Carrey movie.

“‘Forget the interview,’ says Handler with the wave of a hand. ‘Let's get hopped up on coffee and you can just tell your readers I'm pro-literature.’ ”

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Image: via Daniel Handler.

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