Karen Oelschlaeger ’07 leads local League of Women Voters

[Karen Oelschlaeger ’07] Karen Oelschlaeger ’07, the youngest president of the League of Women Voters in Asheville-Buncombe County, NC, aims to modernize the group’s operations.

“Karen Oelschlaeger’s road to political greatness is really just another classic tale of a girl whose terrible bike accident propelled her from professional dog walking into a presidency.

“Oelschlaeger, then 27, took over in May as the youngest president of the League of Women Voters of Asheville-Buncombe County — one of the area’s oldest, most active and trusted voter education organizations, which has more members over 80 than under 50.

“In her less than sixth-month reign through a heated and hectic election season, Oelschlaeger has brought the league into the Twittersphere and the 21st century and helped trade in the stereotype of a pearl-clad ladies’ club for that of a vibrant political hot spot.”

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Image: Verve Magazine.

Friendly URL: wesconnect.wesleyan.edu/news-20121121-karen-oelschlaeger

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