Three ’05-ers, inspired by Wes, work on Cameroonian nonprofit

[Alex Moore ’05] [Lindsay Clarke ’05] [Alden Blair ’05] Breaking Ground co-founder and board chair Lindsay Clarke ’05, executive director Alexandra Moore ’05, and environment health coordinator Alden Blair ’05 work with the Cameroonian nonprofit that is committed to grassroots action, sustainability and community empowerment. The three have spoken on campus about the way their Wesleyan experience brought them to their current positions.

Executive director Alex Moore offers a blog detailing the seeds of Breaking Ground, when she and Lindsay Clark were both members of the School for International Training (SIT) in Camaroon, as undergraduates in 2004:

“Lindsay Clarke, Sarah Oxford, and I met while studying abroad on SIT’s program in Cameroon during the spring of 2004. After the semester was over, we knew that we wanted to return to Cameroon and contribute to the communities that had welcomed us so openly.

“The lessons we learned and the friendships we made during that semester have contributed to building Breaking Ground from a set of dreams and good intentions to a committed, efficient, and effective nonprofit organization that has made a tangible difference in the lives of more than 35,000 Cameroonians.

“The defining principle of Breaking Ground is that Cameroonians know best what they need and that it is not our place to come in with unilateral solutions. Breaking Ground partners with Cameroonians to achieve lasting solutions to their self-identified needs by investing in local knowledge, empowering women, and promoting economic development. We spend time with community members, earning their trust, learning about their struggles, and providing a forum for them to accomplish their goals.”

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Image: via Breaking Ground. Top to bottom: Alex Moore, Lindsay Clarke, Alden Blair.

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