R&C Weekend 2013

2013 Weekend recap

Watch highlights from Reunion & Commencement Weekend. Check out the Reunion & Commencement Photo Gallery on Flickr

Commencement highlights - More than 780 students received degrees this past Sunday. Read more

Honorary degrees - President Michael S. Roth '78 awarded Joss Whedon '87, Majora Carter '88 and Jim Dresser '63 with honorary degrees. Read more

"Be comfortable with being uncomfortable." - Majora Carter '88
"You will get more out of it than you put in." - Jim Dresser '63, P'93

"Non-violence, diversity and equality." - President Michael S. Roth '78 underscored three ideals for the Class of 2013. Read more

Commencement address by Joss Whedon ’87

"Listen to the dissent in yourself." - Award-winning writer, director and producer Joss Whedon '87 addressed the Class of 2013 in a riveting speech. Read more

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Register On Campus

Online registration for Reunion & Commencement Weekend closed on Friday, May 10, 2013. If you missed the deadline, you may register onsite during the weekend. All alumni must register, but we encourage everyone to register, including parents and families of the graduates, as it helps us better plan for your time on campus and allows us to place our catering orders more accurately.


The Commencement Ceremony will be webcast live ("WEScast"), and made available on iTunes U or as streaming video after the weekend. If you can't make it to campus, please join us online! For instructions on how to view the Ceremony online, visit the WEScast home page.


WESeminars provide opportunities to revisit the classroom and experience firsthand the academic excellence that is the essence of Wesleyan, with presentations by scholars, pundits, and other experts in their fields. Programs run approximately 60 minutes, followed by audience Q&A. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis, and because of the state fire code, the University is unable to offer standing room space on the floors or aisles of venues.


Alumni contact: Kathleen Spignesi, Office of Alumni and Parent Relations, at (860) 685-2116 or rc@wesleyan.edu.

Parents and families contact: Dana Coffin, Office of Parent Programs, at (860) 685-3756 or parents@wesleyan.edu.

Wesleyan Reunion & Commencement 2013 Info

Reunion Wrap-up
Through June 28th, for every contribution of $25 or more, two anonymous donors will contribute $250 to the endowment—up to $1 Million!

Detailed schedule for May 23-26, 2013. Please check back often for updates.

Download the R&C Mobile Site
Here’s how to add the Reunion & Commencement Weekend mobile site to your phone’s home screen.

Weekend Essentials
Everything you need to know to navigate through the weekend-- contact info, registration, accessibility, meals, transportation, accommodations, wi-fi access, regalia, photos, finding your friends, Commencement Ceremony, diplomas, and more.

Weekend essentials for everyone.

Weekend essentials for reunion classes.

Weekend essentials for parents and families of the graduates.

Information about on- and off-campus accommodation options for alumni in reunion classes.

Reunion Classes
Reunion classes this year are: 2008 (5th), 2003 (10th), 1998 (15th), 1993 (20th), 1988 (25th), 1983 (30th), 1978 (35th), 1973 (40th), 1968 (45th), 1963 (50th), 1958 (55th), 1953 (60th), and WESeniors (1936-1962)!

Contact Us

Questions d
uring the weekend: May be directed to the Reunion & Commencement interns at (860) 685-2802.

Questions in advance of the weekend: If you have a question about registration, please contact the Office of Alumni and Parent Engagement & Events at (860) 685-2116 or rc@wesleyan.edu.

If you are a parent of a graduating senior and you have a question, please contact the Office of Parent Programs, (860) 685-3756 or parents@wesleyan.edu.

Planning to Attend

See who’s coming back! These lists include people who designated they planned to attend R&C Weekend 2013.

Wesleyan’s 2013 honorary degree recipients
Joss Whedon ’87, Majora Carter ’88 and Jim Dresser ’63 will be awarded honorary degrees at Wesleyan’s 181st Commencement this May, and Joss Whedon will deliver the commencement address.

Essentials for Reunion Classes
Weekend information for alumni in reunion classes.

Essentials for Families
Weekend information for parents and families of the graduates.

Camp Cardinal
While you attend various activities, your children (ages 5 through 12 years) may enjoy Camp Cardinal, a supervised program created to entertain children during the weekend.

Exhibitions at R&C 2013
A listing of the exhibits taking place during the weekend.  Admission is free to all exhibits.

FAQs about R&C Weekend
Frequently Asked Questions about returning to campus for Reunion & Commencement Weekend.

Future Weekends
Dates for future Reunion & Commencement Weekends

Visitors with Disabilities
Information for visitors with disabilities.

Information about sustainability efforts during the weekend.

Alumni Association Awards 2013
Wesleyan will present awards to Edwards II '63, Taylor '63, Young '73, Chayes '78, Young Jr. '88, Klingher '78 and Olson '78.