Writer Blake Nelson ’84 talks about YA fiction and music

April 26, 2012 / Friendly URL: wesconnect.wesleyan.edu/news-20120426-blake-nelson

[Blake Nelson ’84]Blake Nelson ’84 talks to The Hairpin about his new young adult novel Dream School and some of his favorite music, including Santigold (Santi White ’97).

“Blake Nelson has a knack for writing from a teenage girl’s perspective, which has made his young adult fiction some of the most fun and realistic on the market. His first novel, Girl, was published as a serial in Sassy before becoming a book and, eventually, a movie. His much-longed-for follow-up novel, Dream School, came out in December—fittingly enough, also as a serial, although it’s now in book form, too. Blake stopped by Turntable.fm to spin tunes and chat about Kathleen Hanna, teenage girls, and why the Plain White Ts are the best band in America.

“Melissa Locker started playing ‘Hold The Line Feat. Mr. Lex & Santigold’ by Major Lazer.

Melissa Locker: ‘Hi Blake!’

Blake Nelson: ‘Santigold, oh my god, you’ve done your homework (she went to the college in the book).’”

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Image: The Hairpin.

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