Be a Regional Volunteer

Regional Representative Roles, Responsibilities and Expectations

Regional Representatives are selected to represent and support the interests of the Wesleyan community in their geographic areas. Regional Representatives serve two-year terms and are expected to:

SERVE - as liaisons to the University and assist staff with strategic programming and outreach in respective areas to maximize engagement of alumni and parents with the University.

GIVE - participate annually in the Wesleyan Fund and encourage others to do so as well.

CONNECT - welcome area alumni and parents and current students as a local point of contact; maintain an active social networking presence and promote volunteer-initiated events via various Wesleyan online platforms:  Facebook, Online Community, etc.

COORDINATE - all details and logistics for events such as:
  • Happy hours/social gatherings
  • Book clubs
  • Bike/walking tours
  • Potluck dinners
  • Sports related gatherings
  • Wine tastings
  • Provide staff with details of events in a timely manner (no less than 3, and preferably 5 weeks before the date of the events), and provide final attendance list to staff following events (when event is not attended by a University staff person).

PARTICIPATE - in regional events by welcoming attendees, tracking attendance, distributing name tags, introducing speakers and making brief remarks, when applicable.

UPDATE - supply Wes with new contact information (home, business, email or website) for alumni as you become aware.

(RE)UNITE - reconnect with a Wesleyan friend with whom you have lost touch or make a new Wesleyan friend.

BRAG - wear Wes clothing and put a Wes decal on your car window.

RECRUIT - additional volunteers, especially successor(s) and ensure smooth transition of leadership at end of term.

Contact Jennifer Opalacz, Associate Director of Alumni and Parent Relations, if you are interested in representing Wesleyan in your area!